Angels are spiritual beings created by God as servants[1] of God for many purposes, especially for His praise, and as messengers (transliterated from Greek as "messenger") to believers.[2] Angels appear about 300 times throughout the Bible. Though often seen in the form of men, angels are never portrayed as female in the Bible.




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In the building of the Tabernacle, a special kind of angel is depicted in art. This is the "cherub" (plural: cherubim) that is to guard the Ark of the Covenant. It is also mentioned that the cherub guarded the Garden of Eden from Adam and Eve[3]. These are portrayed as being in the form of man, but with wings.[4]


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A related angelic being, the Seraph (plural: seraphim), is seen by Isaiah in his vision of the presence of God[5]. They are also portrayed to have different faces: one had a lion's, one had an ox's, one had a human's, and one had an eagle's.[6] They are also described as having six wings, and having eyes all over, even under their wings. They continually praise God, saying: "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come."[7]


Other types of angels may include Principalities, Powers, and Princes. Fallen angels are normally referred to as Demons and Devils.


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The Archangel is perhaps the best known of all the Angels. His role is unclear but the name suggests he is a leader among the angels.


To Humans

Angels were not created in God's image (as were only humans[8]). Angels do not receive the forgiveness from God as did humans but rather were cast into Hell and punished after they sinned.[9]

To Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is superior to Angels as God never proclaimed Angels as His sons.[10] Angels are also to worship Jesus Christ[11] and are servants.[12] God also never had an Angel sit at his right hand[13].



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