Bible Wiki Admins are the volunteer staff who manage the Bible Wiki community and oversee it's content. They are ultimately responsible for ensuring Biblically accurate and doctrinally pure content; as well as retaining a Christian community and managing all outreach platforms (like social media, special blogs, etc). Bible Wiki Admins are not only content managers and community leaders, but are key parts of the community itself. However, their role is meaningless without the generous work of Bible-reading Christians. The Admins are here to facilitate the community and content and act as senior members of the community who are entrusted with extra privileges and burdens. Admins are the owners for the ministry vision of the site.

The best way to contact the Admins: Superdadsuper and SouthWriter on their respective message walls.

The Admins

Adam- Superdadsuper


Adam (a.k.a Superdadsuper) is the main visionary behind Bible Wiki. "Super" (as he is affectionately called by the community) has an unwavering passion and sense of responsibility for sharing God's Word and presenting truth from and about it. He seeks to help combat the crisis of biblical illiteracy and demonstrate how knowledge of the Scriptures can powerfully change one's life and faith. He not only seeks to share the most detailed facts, but the most important and ever applicable truths the Bible has to offer (which are not mutually exclusive). Adam spends his time planning the long-term strategy for Bible Wiki to become a full-time ministry, trying to grow the community, content management, article writing and content strategy. He is currently pursuing his B.A. in Ministry/Bible at Missouri Baptist University with hopes of becoming a Bible scholar/teacher. He resides in the St. Louis area.

Henry- SouthWriter

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Henry (a.k.a SouthWriter) is Adam's partner and consultant for Bible Wiki. He holds a B.A Religion & Philosophy (Georgia University), and a Masters of Divinity (Bob Jones University). Henry was brought aboard in 2015 to mentor and partner with Adam to run not just a Bible website, but a God-honoring ministry. He is a seasoned man with lots of life experiences as a follower of Jesus Christ. In his mid 60's, he is a veteran writer, web blogger and wiki editor. Henry primarily focuses on guiding Adam and having ideas "bounced off", article writing and defending the faith to skeptics and those with false ideas about the Bible. He resides in Greenville, SC.

Becoming an Admin

Currently Bible Wiki is not seeking or in the need for new Admins. We are in a strong need for people who desire to Study and Write about the Word of God and contribute new information to the wiki. We are in need of editors to join our Christian community, willing to make small additions to articles on a weekly basis. Contributors have a unique opportunity to both study and share Scripture, simultaneously. If you are interested please contact us.

The role of Adminship is not a light burden so all potential Admins must be screened for theological alignment, Scriptural knowledge and commitment to the ministry of Bible Wiki. This screening requires an application, a review by the Admins, phone/IM interviews and possible church screening.

The most important trait to an Admin is doctrinal purity and commitment to the integrity of the Bible. This quality is made increasingly rare by the rise of secular and postmodern viewpoints on Scripture. Admins need to have a very strong knowledge and skill in the Bible, a trusting faith in God, the ability to learn new technologies quickly and the skill to deal appropriately with a digital community about real faith issues.

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