Bible Wiki is a Christian website that documents the Bible and its historical, literary and theological content in order to demonstrate that the Bible is authored by God and is historically accurate. This page is meant to document the beliefs of the website, which in turn provides the definition for what is considered canonical content. Content that is un-canonical (is opposite to any of the listed beliefs) is likely to be reverted or heavily modified in order to match canon content. Acceptance of all or these beliefs are not required, however, it is difficult to contribute canonical content without such acceptance. All editors given special editing permissions or authority on the wiki must be in primary agreement with the views listed.

The Bible

  • The Bible is ultimately authored and "spoken" by God, while using human authors who creatively wrote for the Holy Spirit[1].
  • The Bible consists of 66 books (the “canon” as they appear in the English Bible) ) that are not complete without each other, yet on their own are inspired[2].
  • Scripture was written to be an example for Christians[3], equip us to do good works, instruct in the Faith and to give all the necessary knowledge needed for Salvation[4]


  • God is the Creator of the universe[5] and is the all powerful[6] supreme being that is everywhere[7] and knows everything.
  • God is self-existent[8] in unity as three persons (the Trinity), The Father, The Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit which all have distinct roles yet are one God[9]

Jesus Christ

  • The person of God, The Son, Jesus Christ, was born of a virgin birth[10], being fully God and fully human[11]
  • Jesus Christ was fully man, yet without sin[12], thus fulfilling the law[13] and making Him the only candidate to take the punishment for our sins[14]. Jesus Christ died by Crucifixion in the most physically and psychologically painful death ever.
  • After his death, Jesus Christ resurrected from the grave after three days and ascended into Heaven, promising to one day return[15]. He will return one day to end the world and defeat Satan, permanently.


  • God created mankind in His own image [16]
  • Man will either go to Heaven (for eternal communion with God and Believers) or will go to Hell (in eternal punishment for sin) dependent on their faith in Jesus Christ. A person's spirit is fully existent after death and continues on in a spiritual realm.
  • Mankind was created to be Male and Female, designed for unity within marriage [17]
  • Humans are formed by God from the womb [18]
  • Mankind was made for the purpose of glorifying God [19]
  • Mankind has free will to make decisions, yet individuals are predestined in their faith and actions[20]. Free Will and Predestination work in conjunction simultaneously as part of God's providence.
  • Mankind is imperfect, flawed, mortal and sinful.[21] [22]


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