Naboth was a Jezreelite who owned a vineyard that King Ahab wanted to purchase for his very own. Naboth refused to sell it, stating the Lord forbids his giving up his inheritance to another. When his refusal was told by Ahab to his wife Jezebel, she plotted to have him killed by having Naboth be seated with high honor among the people and then be accused by two worthless men of blaspheming God and the king so they could stone him to death. After Naboth was killed, Ahab took the vineyard for himself. The Lord brought judgment against Ahab and his house for this action by having his whole house be destroyed, with Jezebel being eaten by dogs, and that dogs will lick the blood of Ahab where they have licked Naboth's. Years later, Jehu son of Jehoshaphat had King Joram's dead body thrown into the tract of Naboth's field and also had Jezebel thrown down and eaten by dogs.

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