Issues with the article

The section about "Origins" does not meet with the guidelines.  There is no relevance to information that cannot be backed by references not found in the Bible.

For this reason, I have added the "NeedsVerses" Category to the bottom.  The one reference, with multiple verses, does not sufficiently provide support for this article.

It would be beneficial to focus on the passages in the Gospels that demonstrate the activity of demons as they possess hapless individuals.  The Old Testament references to the "demons" Azazel and Abaddon need support from Scripture as well.  I am not comfortable with the interpretation of either one of them.  The older translation of "scapegoat" fits the context for Azazel and Abaddon (the destroyer) is not identified as the "death angel" of Exodus in canonical Scripture. 

I will leave it at that, for now.  I look forward to seeing improvements to this article. SouthWriter (talk) 17:14, November 1, 2016 (UTC)

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