I would like to propose the recreation of this page on Biblicalpedia, because although Hell is not really a pleasant topic to discuss it is an essential teaching that has been preached in Christianity for thousands of years going all the way back to Jesus himself and therefore should not be ignored. - Rawtheran


No person, good, evil, or otherwise, deserves to be tortured for eternity. Not even Lucifer. At worst end them for good without an afterlife. Eternity of torture is major overkill. Punishment is mainly so that people see the errors of what they have done, but you cannot rise above your actions if you are condemned to be in agony forever. Aside from it just being cruel and immoral, regardless of how horrid the actions of those who would be sent there. It does not seem like something a benevolent God would do. Also, you go to Hell if you don’t believe in Jesus? So all the billions of people on this planet who are perfectly good through and through will be sent to an eternity of torment for simply being brought up differently? That’s extremely messed up.

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