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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Do note that {{TLI}} and {{Testament}} is a shortcut to this template and may be used as such.


{{Testament Label Icon|new/old|new/old (optional)|cat=0 (optional)}}


Testament Label Icon is found in the Old TestamentTestament Label Icon is found in the New Testament

See top of page for examples


Place this template at the top of a page. Do not place multiple on the same page, putting two or more causes the images to overlap. One is enough. Only type in "new", or "old" in the first and second parameter. The second parameter is optional. To place it on a page without categorizing, use the "cat" parameter; only type "0" in it.


There is JavaScript coding that makes this work. It is located on AChildOfGod's test wiki. Talk to him here about changes to it. Testament also uses CSS to make it work; by adding to #WikiaArticle the display property with a value of initial, it gets the desired effect. This template uses Template:Icons as the brains of this template. Careful with editing Template:Icons (best to talk to AChildOfGod about it first before editing it).