• Will this be resumed?

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    • I hope to continue this in the future. Its on an indefinite hiatus right now due to resource constraints and it not being used by hardly anyone. 

      I think its a nice program, but there wasn't and doesn't seem like there will be enough people using it at this time to put the effort in for it. 

      My hope is that we can continue this program one day and have Bible study resources that will blossom. 

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    • Hey, this is literraly my first message/edit in this wiki. I would like to be in the Bible study. I was born again 2 years ago and have finished reading the new testament and I am in Deuteronomy right now. My family is catholic but not very passionate and they don't let me go to church or get re-baptized since I was baptized a few weeks after I was born. I only rely on solo-studies online and a club in my school for worship. 

      There are other forums online for worship but I personally prefer this medium. 

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    • Helpy-

      The Bible study program has indefinitely discontinued since there is lack of people using it and its not worth the time to create it. 

      I am sorry to here that you cannot be part of a local church family, because of your family. Inevitably, that will cause family strain. After all, Jesus said he would divide families[1]- faith in him would even be across family lines. 

      I hope once you are the point where you can decide for yourself you will decide to be part of a local church. It sounds like your family heavily prioritizes Catholic tradition, which is why they feel its unnecessary for you to be baptized again. Tradition and works is not what saves (I am sure you know this). If you don't have the capacity to take yourself to church, there is very little we can do. I want to encourage you to join our chat channel. I would highly recommend streaming a church service as well, at the very least you can worship and listen to a sermon "in spirit" with other believers, but that will never give you the connection.

      My own church has many services every Sunday and they livestream the 9:30am and 11:00am CST. The 9:30am features a choir, while 11:00am features a contemporary band, but they both have the same message. They have other services and events as well, but they only stream those two. The livestreams have a chat channel with them, there are a minimum of 300 who watch the online broadcast every week (2500 avg weekly attendance overall). The preaching here is Gospel centered and Bible based, but also interesting.

      We are here for you to help you grow in faith as well. I ask God he will provide you with a way to be part of a church body, to bring your family to faith. I have never faced that challenge myself, but I can only imagine the heartbreak of a family who doesn't share in your faith.
      In Christ,
      Superdadsuper, Sr. Content and Community Manager (Bible Wiki) 22:31, December 14, 2018 (UTC)

      1. Matt 10:35, Luke 12:51 (Link)
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    • Thanks! 

      I did tried to walk to a local church close by but my parents didn't let me do that. Hopefully God will create thirst for the Word of God in them the same He did for me one day. 

      I will definitely check your church stream and chat out!

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