• Attention members of the Bible Wiki Community (and any Christian or anyone who wants to read the Bible!). We would like introduce our brand new Bible Study Forum. We have created this forum to be able to host monthly book discussions on books of the Bible chosen by Admins (of course suggestions are welcome). The goal of this is to increase interaction as a community of Christians, but most of all to help people in trying to read the Bible and becoming comfortable with it. Sadly many do not read their Bibles, or many find it difficult. Reading one's Bible is a very critical part of furthering your faith, and is highly commended by the Bible itself[1] (that's a lot of verses). 

    Also since this community is lacking of people who understand and are willing to read the Bible, we cannot have a collaborative bible study tool, nor can the Gospel be shared very well[2]. So it is in the best interests of everyone that we begin this program. Jesus Himself speaks of how those who read their Bible will be rewarded[3]. We also have lack of content for the amount within the Bible, and do not have the rich Bible study enviroment we are looking for. 

    This is how the program will work: a semi-random book of the Bible selected by the Admins will be picked to read. Then viewers should particapte by reading that book of the Bible on a daily basis until the reading is complete. Along the way questions, thoughts, or convictions can be shared on the appropiate thread. Then while or after reading content relevant to the book should be created. The books that will be chosen will primairly be historical accounts, as they are often more clear, have an easier context, and are easier to read. We also want you to encourage to dive into reading outside of this program but this is help people become acquainted with the Scripture. In the end it is through the Holy Spirit understanding of the Bible is obtained[4]. I hope and pray everyone who sees this thread is willing to join in with us on the monthly reading. I hope that you carve out the time each day to make one of the most important investments you will ever make in your life, biblical literacy. The world is lacking of biblical literacy and without the Gospel cannot be effectively shared and the goal of our ministry will be that much harder.

    In Christ,

    Superdadsuper, Bible Wiki Administrator and Bureaucrat


    1. Josh 1:8, Psa 119:10-11, 1 Tim 4:13, Psa 1:2, 2 Tim 2:7, Job 23:12 (Link)
    2. 1 Peter 3:15, Col 4:6 (Link)
    3. Matt 6:6 (Link)
    4. 1 Cor 2:14, Job 32:8, Luke 24:45 (Link)
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    • The Outline:

      I The Rise of Esther 1:1 -- 2:23

      II The Rise of Haman  3:1 -- 4:17

      III The Fall of Haman  5:1 -- 7:10

      IV The Deliverance of the Jews  8:1 -- 10:3

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    • Thank you posting an outline. Sadly I have only recieved a few responses so far, and am not sure if we will have any particaption. I will keep posting and most of all praying that we get people to read, for their own personal health if nothing else. 

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