• Hello everyone. For the first month of our Bible Study program we have selected the Book of Esther to read. The Book of Esther should be read throughout the course of Feburary through March. Then post your questions, comments and convictions here on the forums in order to engage with other believers. Take the time to read and comprehend what you are reading. Pray and ask God for understanding, as He will grant it [1][2]

    The goal of this is to help you as a viewer and editor be able to comprehend the Bible even more, but also be able to write content for Bible Wiki. Out of your reading we also want you to share what you have learned, as this will allow you to study and understand while sharing at the same time. Here are some recommended articles to add on:

    I hope this is not a burden. Reading of the Bible is one of the most important investments you can ever make, and sharing that information on this wiki will also help us become a comprehensive study tool for Christians, and a method to share the Gospel with those unsaved.

    1. 1 Cor 2:14, Job 32:8, Luke 24:45 (Link)
    2. James 1:5 (Link)
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    • Here is an outline to get everyone started


      The Book of Esther

      I The Rise of Esther 1:1 -- 2:23

      II The Rise of Haman  3:1 -- 4:17

      III The Fall of Haman  5:1 -- 7:10

      IV The Deliverance of the Jews  8:1 -- 10:3

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    • Since I have personally been busy reading the Gospel of John I have not been active in reading the book this month. I did however create a much needed article on Mordecai in stub format which would appreciate some contributions. Please read your Bible, please particapte to grow in your knowledge of the LORD God and of the history of Israel. Also please share the knowledge you learn and ask questions. Please also to pray for the sucess and glorification of God through this website ministry and wiki

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    • I have added an article about Vashti that is farily comprehensive for the amount of information given about her. i want to encourage readers of Esther to contribute to the article, and I will try my best to edit to heavily on Esther related articles so there may be work "left".

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