• So for the remainder of March into the beginning of April we will now be reading the Book of Ruth.. Since Ruth is such a short book (4 chapters) we would like to encourage to continue reading Esther (10 chapters) and continue contributing. Sadly we haven't seen many people write about content of Esther, but hopefully since Ruth is much shorter it can be written about a lot more. Even if you are not writing and discussing the book you are reading I hope and pray that because of this you are beginning to read your Bible. The time to read this will be until the last day of March plenty of time to read this book. In April we will need to start on the first day of the month in order to get the program on track.

    Here is the reccomended reading (and writing) scheldue for the Book of Ruth:

    • Read one chapter a day for four days
    • Re-read chapter one and contribute related information for the next 3-4 days and repeat this with the other chapters
    • Remainder of the time take the time to research in the Bible how the account of Ruth makes a further impact on the rest of the Old Testament and even New Testament.

    Again since I haven't seen any activity relating Esther I would encourage to continue reading and writing about it if you hadn't finished. I also would like there to be a nice discussion about this book as it documents the life of one family on a very micro scale. This gives a unique historical perspective in it not always being on a macro national level, but we also need to connect this book to the macro level.

    Here are reccomended articles to contribute on about the Book of Ruth:

    • Book of Ruth- Add authorship section, expand Genre section, add Themes section
    • Ruth (Person)- Create a biography, write a legacy section, write a characteristics section, Infobox
    • Boaz- Needs a Biography, Legacy, Characteristics, Infobox
    • Bethlehem- write about the relevance of the city during the time of Ruth
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