• This month we will be reading the First Book of Samuel. The First Book of Samuel was authored by the Prophet Samuel , whom it is named for. The book covers early history of the nation of Israel under a monarchy and the end of the period of judges. The book gives the account of the life of Samuel and covers early kings of Israel, including Saul and David. Not only does this book talk about some of the early logistics of the Ark of the Covenant and the war with the Philistines.

    There are 31 chapters in this book, and is sequeled by Second Samuel. Due to this, one chapter can be read each day in order to read the entire book in April (one day will require 3 chapters to be read in order to catch up for the lost day). This is a great book of history and contains the accounts of some of the Bible's most renowned people and kings. I hope by reading this not only can further literacy in the Bible grow but content can be relevantly written about it.

    Here are some relevant articles you can write about when studying the book:

    • Samuel (Prophet)- His entire life is covered in the book
    • Saul (King)- His entire life is covered
    • David- Only his days as a young boy, being appointed to Monarch and early ruling is recorded in the book. A majority of David's reign is recorded in Second Samuel
    • Ark of the Covenant- The early logistics of the Ark

    As always please, please post your questions and comments on the book. If you find something historically interesting, or even something that happened that was humorous, please post it here!

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    • Coincidentally, my church just had us read a section of 1st Samuel on Sunday. 

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    • Snowstripe the Fierce wrote:
      Coincidentally, my church just had us read a section of 1st Samuel on Sunday. 

      Maybe that can encourage you to read First Samuel this month!

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    • What chapter is it this week? 

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    • We don't do chapters per week but encourage independent reading and then come back here for discussion. If you have been reading since the Book was decided you should be on 15 (if you read 3 in one day to compensate for lack of time). If you haven't read any of it I would encourage to read 2 a day, which would take you 15 days and take you almost to the end of the month and start from the beginning. You can read the post above which gives some other reading ideas.

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