• For June of 2016 we will be reading the First Book of Chronicles. 1st Chronicles has 29 chapters and so one chapter can be read a day with one to two days leftover. Now you may notice the most of the content is reppetive to content in Second Samuel. That is because Chronicles was actually wrriten at a much later time, during the Exile of Israel in Babylon. Much of the content is probably based directly off Second Samuel, but may also contain many details that are not found in Second Samuel. 

    First Chronicles also has a lot of genealogies and records. Often it is difficult to understand the relevance of these genealogies and records. From these records and genealogies can we gain many insights and details not found anywhere else, for example we can find the names of all of David's siblings in the second chapter[1]. I would encourage you to at least try to read them as the author included them to help "Chronicle" the events of Israel. Appreciate the signifigance of these being some of the only surviving records of entire families and the jobs everyone had. This goes to demonstrate how deep God's love is for each and every single person who is written in those genealogies. The entire first 9 chapters are solely records and then they are spread out throughout the rest of the book. The amount of records and other details that are not in 2nd Samuel go to show the historicity of both. The books are both in perfect agreement with the facts they share, and with the facts that can overlap into each other's accounts

    The books of Chronicles were written as a reminder of hope to Israelites in exile about to return home. First Chronicles doesn't document the curse that David experienced on his family[2] but rather focuses on how God would be glorified through his family. The book gives many original details on the construction of the Temple and the operational structure of the government of Israel through its preist and regulation system. This is important in showing how the law bound Israel and showed them their sins[3]. Chronicles helps give the authencity of people by showing us their duties and their relationships.

    Please note that next month we will not be reading 2 Chronicles. We will be reading 1 and then 2 Kings before moving on to 2 Chronicles. 2 Chronicles is similar in it contains many of the same details of 1 and 2 Kings. Since Chronicles were written as reminders and not the original source documents the Kings will be read before 2 Chronicles.

    In Christ,

    Superdadsuper, Bible Wiki Administrator & Bureaucrat

    1. 1 Chr 2:13-17 (Link)
    2. 2 Sam 12:10 (Link)
    3. Rom 7:7, Gen 3:19 (Link)

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    • For some reason I always liked the Chronicles better, even though most of our Bible readings in school on David were from 1st and 2nd Samuel. 

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