• Alright. Though this is not chronological, we are going to wrap back around to the Book of Genesis and from there go on chronologically as long as possible.

    This month we will be reading Genesis 1-25:18. Due to the length of the book and each of its chapters we have divided the book into two month. We won't be reading the second part of Genesis until November as we will read the Book of Job in October (because it takes place before Gen 25:19). This will also give us a large amount of time to cover all the major topics (along with content from the Liturgical Calendar) through Genesis and Job. The first four chapters of the Bible cover nearly one-thousand years of history alone (though we have only have such more info on that time). 

    The portion of Genesis for this month ends after the death of Abraham and the second part of Genesis will cover the time of Jacob and Esau all the way to Joseph and his family living in Egypt.

    Major Content that needs writing and/or expansion this month:

    This is of course a simple list, but any content from the beginning of Creation to Abraham's death is encouraged.

    Also please post your comments,thoughts and annotation of your reading below on the comments. Genesis's history was written as an example[1], thus its very important to study.

    In Christ,

    Superdadsuper, Bible Wiki Administrator & Bureaucrat

    1. 1 Cor 10:11, Rom 15:4 (Link)
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