• For the month of November we pick back up on the Book of Genesis and we will read the second half from Genesis 25:19  through the end. Last month we read the Book of Job as to read the books of the Bible chronologically and to dissect Genesis. Right now our content focus is concerned around the very early world and the ancient origins of Israel . We would like to encourage our community to focus their writing efforts on content from around that time, particularly Genesis 25:19 through the end of Genesis.

    The second half of Genesis covers the lives of several patriarchs that are descendants of Abraham and early ancestors to Israel. Gen 25:19- Ch 35 covers the life of Jacob and some of Isaac and Esau.Gen 37-50 covers the life of Joseph and his reign in Egypt. It's important to remember that Genesis was written to be a record of accounts of the early ancestors of the Nation of Israel and etiologies for world events. It explains how the world came to be, why certain events happened and explains some cultural customs of Israel. What we will see in the second half is the steps that had to occur to place Israel in Egypt where we find in them in Exodus. The promise of "many" nations is also seen fulfilled through nations like the Edomites who descended from Esau. We also see how the lineage is traced through Abraham to the chosen nation Israel.

    There's a lot of history here. A lot of accounts of various interactions with certain people that tell the earliest accounts of some nations that rise to be great powers. There is a lot information to absorb. While it is interesting and intellectually helpful to memorize all of the knowledge, do not become overwhelmed. Instead focus your heart on the content to shows God's hand throughout all of history even from the beginning

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