• For the first month of January we will be completing the Book of Exodus picking up from Exo 20 and finishing the book (Ch 40). In total there will be twenty chapters of reading this month so the book can be finished in one day. Exodus 20-23:19 are all laws given to Israel . I would encourage that you take the time to read these instead of skipping over them. Having an understanding can give invaluable insight to the laws roots in morality and sense into Hebrew culture. Ch 23:19-25 are ourely historical accounts that are about the Israelites insistuting their new laws and affirming covenants God has made. Ch 25-27 are specifications for the construction of the Tabernacle, Ark of the Covenant and other objects to be used for sacrificing. 

    Ch 28-30 contains regulations for priests and special preparations and fees to accompany sacrifices. Ch 31-40 contain a mixture of both historical accounts and regulations. Several of the chapters are historical accounts about regulations being followed, which contain the requirements. Keep in mind that few times (if ever) does Scripture give laws in a direct legal format. Instead laws and regulations are contained in long quotations of God. This is particuarly done by Moses in the Pentateuch in order to attribute the laws to God. While much of the content is regulatory, its is technically a historical account. 

    Until Deuternomy is finished we will continue reading and encouraging that content efforts focus around the Pentateuch. While the rest of Exodus is primairly regulatory the content should be studied and can be written about in respective articles.

    Arrticles to work on specifically for Exo 20-40:

    • Priests (needs an article, can talk about history and regulations)
    • Israel 

    Also much work is needed on articles applying to the Pentateuch as a whole. You can get ideas on what to write about by using Random Page, reading Scripture or asking an Admin or other community member

    Remember why we study the Bible , to look at the examples of history[1] and have the knowledge for Salvation[2] all from the mouth of God.

    1. 1 Cor 10:6,11; Rom 15:4 (Link)
    2. 2 Tim 3:15 (Link)
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    • Chapters 20-31: Commands. Ways of life for the Israelites. I like this stuff, but it isn't as interesting as other parts.  32-33: Classic tale of the Golden Calf. Moses' tent of meeting is put up. 34-35: New Tablets are made, and construction of the Tabernacle begins. 36: Israelites donate materials for the Tabernacle. 37-40: My personal favorite. Bezalel constructs the Ark of the Covenant. He also makes the altar. Moses makes the ephod and priestly attire for Aaron. The Ark is placed in the Tabernacle, and God's glory shines.  

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