• For March 2017 the next book of the Bible on the list is the Book of Numbers! Numbers is the fourth book of the Pentateuch. The first five chapters of the book is a census of Israel by the tribes (hence the book of Numbers). The census shows just how massive Israel really was at the time. It also gives insight into what was considered the legal adult age (age twenty), early provisions for tribal territotories (a precusor to Joshua 's split as we will see later) and the special roles for each tribes. Signfigiantly God  decreed the census Himself.

    Numebers 5-10:10 contains additional laws to Leviticus, such as how to test a wife accused of adultery and Nazirites.

    10:11- Ch 31 includes history of Israel. This covers a lot of signfigiant information, mostly rebellions of the people against Moses and God, Israel being senteced to forty years of nomadity, Balaam and morality with Moab. Included in these chapters are several additional chapters of laws.

    Ch 33-36 includes records about Israelite tribes, from divisions of territories, to the path taken on The Exodus to more. 

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