• We pick our monthly Bible study program back up with the Book of Joshua for June 2017, after a month break in May. We now switch to a new era in the history of Israel, no longer is Israel just a refuge nation but it is on the path to establishing its own territory. The main highlight of the book is Israel's conquest of the Land of Canaan, which God had promised centuries before to Abraham.

    Joshua picks up shortly after the end of Deuteronomy, where Moses dies; placing Joshua as the new leader of Israel (and a new kind of leader, Joshua is not like Moses but is before the period of the Judges). After conquering important Canaanite city-states and regions like Jericho, Hebron and Bethel each of the tribes, except for Levi and Joseph (instead through Ephraim and Manasseh are allocated portions of the land.

    The books ends with the death of Joshua and a semi-allusory/prophetic reminder (via a renewal of God's covenant with israel at Shechem) for Israel to stay faithful to God or suffer the consequences. This can be seen as a foreshadowing to the Book of Judges where Israel constantly disobeys.

    That being said, the Nevi'im (or History, containing Joshua-[[Second Book of Chronicles|Second Chronicles) goes through the history of Israel at a much faster pace then the Pentateuch. The Book of Ruth for example is only four chapters, mainly about one woman (Ruth) and her family, so it will be much harder to document all the content; unless we go at it on a very slow pace. Sadly, the productivity of the Administrators have died down and so has editing activity once again. The Admins are experimenting with some exciting new projects behind the scenes. Please be in prayer for growth, for our new projects and that our focus remains on delivering truth found in the Holy Scriptures of our Lord.

    In Christ,
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