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Hello! I am just a random individual who enjoys correcting grammatical mistakes. I also enjoy running and making sure people don't think Christianity is full of hypocrites and weirdos through the way I live my life. I only discovered this wiki on July 2, 2016, and am curious as to what contributions I can make.

And yes, my name is a biblical reference. (See 2 Kings 6:1-7 for those who don't know)

I am a Moderator on the MCPE wikia, and am known there for an insane number of good-faith edits in a short period of time. Hence the "Moderator" in my signature, which one of the admins kindly made for me.

FloatingAxeHead Moderator | Editor | Active

04:49, August 25, 2016 (UTC)

More About Me

I have dealt with trolls before on the MCPE wikia. Thankfully, the staff are kind and did their job.

I will discuss why I am a Christian, though I don't completely know exactly why I became a Christian.

I am still an avid editor on the MCPE wiki.

I hate politics, but I do like talking about it.