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  • I live in St. Louis
  • I was born on October 18
  • My occupation is Ministry/Bible Student at Missouri Baptist University
  • I am Male

Hey there! Even though I am a busy college student and may be semiactive now, I still have a very close eye on the wiki (virtually nothing happens without me knowing about it). Feel free to message me and I will always be available to talk.

Hello and welcome to Bible Wiki, I am so glad you are here reading my userpage and hopefully some articles on the Word of God. My name is Adam, or Superdadsuper (who isn't a dad) the "Founder", Content & Community Manager here at Bible Wiki.

It may surprise you to know that I am a 19-year old college student. God has gifted me with a very strong knowledge and desire for his Word- from the most applicable truths to the most scholarly details (not mutually exclusive). While I may be young that certainly does not disqualify me from sharing the Word of God with others[1]. I am currently working towards my B.A in Ministry/Biblical Studies with an English Minor at Missouri Baptist University. My desire is to enter into a Bible teaching vocation either as a scholar/eventual professor, church (pastoral) staff member, a nonprofit ministry or another avenue- though I am unaware what God has in store for my life (if any such vocation like those).

I hope my youth will be an encouragement to you, whatever your age may be- whether much older than I or even younger- that you can not only know the Bible very well, but use it in a powerful way in your life. There is a crisis in today's world of biblical illiteracy. People do not know the Bible, the special literature that is a unique expression of God's will and love throughout history and for us today. My goal is to use this site to emphasize the importance of knowing the Bible.

In essence the Scriptures are able to give us all necessary knowledge needed for Salvation[2], warn and encourage us in our deeds[3], and give us instruction on how to live a God-pleasing life[4].

The Internet is dominated by very secular or highly speculative information on the Bible, making it difficult to discern truth; or even simply what the Bible says about an issue or itself versus what other religions or the world says. Bible Wiki is an alternative to Wikipedia that allows you to see what the Bible says about the people, places, history and literature within itself without "confusion from inclusion".

I hope you are lead to join us in our efforts by giving a small amount of time in the creation of new articles. Not only will the knowledge you share help others in their knowledge of the Bible, it will greatly enhance your own. Whether you have questions on how to help our ministry, how to read the Bible/why it's important or having assurance in faith do not hesitate to contact me.

In Christ,

Superdadsuper, Senior Content & Community Manager

Letter from Superdadsuper

We are so glad you stumbled upon our ministry. We strive to be so much more than a website, but a God-honoring ministry. You may notice (rightfully so) that there is not a lot of activity here. While this is the case, I promise there are several watchful eyes and friendly people that are around, you just may not see us. We have began a great foundation for this ministry, but we are sort of in a "block" phase right now.

The hope (God willing) is to turn this site into a "real", ministry- as a legal entity, with fundraising and serious stewardship of resources. At the present moment, that is not in God's immediate plan for the site. This is a transitional phase for not only the Administrators, but many of the users of the site. Many are finishing high school or have begun college. The "lead admin" and "visionary" of the site, Adam, has begun college to study the Bible and is working part-time. The other admin, Henry, is retired and is going to begin traveling with his wife more frequently. At Adam's current stage, Henry's role has changed from a day-to-day mentor, to a more passive discussion with Adam.

Currently, more efforts have been focused on the Bible Wiki Blog- which allows the Admins to create more exposition/practically oriented content and to have a more personal voice. This is just where God has led the ministry at the present time. Additionally, as the admins have gotten more in-depth to biblical scholarship and the nuances of the text, the realization has occurred that writing about the Bible is very complicated and difficult since there are such fundamental differences in the way the biblical writers thought compared to our world today. This makes the Bible no less more relevant, but unfortunately to be responsible to the text requires greater care.

All of this is to say that there are still people who watch and participated, there is still future hope for something more this website and potentially other future projects. Right now, this specific avenue of ministry is not something that God has brought to fruition; however, we continue to "chop" away little by little and are still very active in teaching the Word in other ways. If you want to participate, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you get plugged in. We continue to look forward to the future and what has in store for this ministry- not just as a wiki, but whatever avenue of teaching the Bible and growing believer's faith that God makes available to us.

In Christ,
Superdadsuper, Sr. Content and Community Manager (Bible Wiki) 01:14, May 10, 2019 (UTC) (I wrote this letter at my own will and without consent of SouthWriter, the other admin)

Facts About Me

  • I am 19 years old. I live in the St Louis, Missouri Metro Area.
  • I was born and have lived in Missouri my whole life. Previously I lived in the Jefferson City, Missouri area.
  • I am Southern Baptist and have only attended two churches in my life (both Southern Baptist). I attended a large church in Jeff City and now attend a "megachurch" in St. Louis area (est 2500 avg weekly attendance).
  • I am majoring in Ministry/Biblical Studies at Missouri Baptist University, with an English minor.
  • I aspire to be a Bible Scholar and/or Teacher (whether as a professor, a researcher or something else) and hope to continue my formal studies in the Bible after getting an undergraduate degree.


  • Pray that I heed John 5:39[5].
  • Pray that I may be more loving towards others
  • Ask God to reveal his will and the medium of my desired Bible ministry.
  • Pray that I remained focus on Jesus Christ and a relationship with Him. May I not get caught up in the created things of faith and miss him as a person. May I value him as the ultimate prize, not creations.
  • Spiritual dryness, lack of excitement, over-immersion in factual details in daily walk of faith.
  • Thank God for my love for his word and a passion for the spiritual things. Thank him for the wisdom he has given me regarding life and knowledge of his word. Pray that I may continue to grow in my faith & maturity.
  1. 1 Tim 4:12 (Link)
  2. 2 Tim 3:15 (Link)
  3. 1 Cor 10:11, Rom 15:4 (Link)
  4. Heb 4:12 (Link)
  5. John 5:39 (Link)
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